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Brosserie Lecler Noël : Specialist in road sweeping brushes, floor cleaning brushes, industrial brushes - Normandy, France

Design and manufacture of 100% French brushes adapted to the performance!


Our news

  • Our brush manufacture is increasingly commited to a responsible and environmental friendly approach!

    We have installed 1,200 state-of-the-art photovoltaic panels covering 5,000m² of our roof. The installation is designed to cover 50% of our energy needs.
    Our machines will now run on our own green energy!

    "The aim is to reduce our carbon footprint, while achieving further energy savings." Sylvain DEGRUMELLE, Director.
    Photovoltaic panels brosserie lecler noel
  • .Thanks to our partnership with the french company ARKEMA, we introduce you the gutter broom environnemental-friendly in RILSAN® 100% bio sourced at Highs performances.

    The RILSAN® fiber is produced from the RILSAN PA 11 polymer, itself made from castor oil.

    it offers many advantages :

    - Fiber 100% biosourced et 100% renewable.

    - A green alternative more efficient than plastic gutter brooms produced by oil refining.

    - Broom durability increased = save money by changing brooms less often !

    - Excellent abrasive resistance, suitable for high and low temperatures, good chimical resistance.

    - Reduction of wastes and CO2 emissions.

    Don't wait any longer! Contact our sales team on 02 32 89 98 78 or ventes@bros-lecler-noel.fr for a quote.
    Gutter broom eco-friendly in RILSAN
  • Brosserie Lecler-Noël wishes you all the best for this new year 2024. Thank you for the trust you place in us every day.
  • The ring strip is manufactured with a flat strip in steel galvanized. It is resistant to the corrosion, the rust and abrasion.
    The wire is crimp in the strip and the grubbing up is almost impossible, it permits to have an aggressive sweeping once stuffed on your machine.

    Our range included a large various of internal dimensions to fit at all sweeper configuration: 76 mm / 110 mm / 127 mm / 150 mm / 162 mm / 178 mm / 220 mm / 254 mm / 300 mm.

    Several fillings are available to suit your needs: steel, polypropylene and nylon. We adapt the size to your needs.
    wafer steel  sweeper
  • How remove weeds on the roadside

    Today, we introduce you a solution good for the environment and easy to use to manage weed on streets and roadways: the weed control broom.

    It is set on you sweeper regardless of the brand : Beam, Bucher Schörling, Dulevo, Faun, Hako, Johnston, Mathieu, Nilfisk, Ravo, Scarab, Schmidt, ... The broom is used for a mechanical control weed flexible and strong, it allows you to reach every corner of the gutter.

    Our brooms are fitted only with the best quality of wire and rigorously controled. We offer many mods of fitting with differents levels of aggressivity and rigidity.

    Do not hesitate to contact our commercial team to help you to choose the best broom for you needed. A demonstration? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HA7jFiRwaLU

    weeding broom
  • Wafer brush: Adaptable and economic

    We have developed and patented the wafer brushes by integrating a key on the inner diameter. This type of broom is denser than the classical wafer and avoid all the problem of corosion.

    The assembly and the replacement are easy: you just need to remove the ancien plastic rings of the shaft of your sweeper and replace by new.

    Adaptable on all machines, you can alternate the brush ring with several materials in according to the required sweeping. We suggest also wafer broom with a sweep angle to bring the waste back to the suction nozzle.

    wafer brushes for street sweeper
  • You are a professional of the road sweeping?

    We design and produce all types of gutter brooms, wafers or tubes you need. Our range cover all the existing machines, as the road sweeper, farm machine and specific industry :

    Beam, Bucher Schöling, Dulevo, Faun, Hako, Johnston, Mathieu, Nilfisk, Ravo, Scarab, Schmidt, and so on... For each problem, we have a solution!

    We design strong steel gutter brooms, wafers and tubes to clean gutters and curbs. For the specific areas like schoolyard, airport or car circuit we do 100% synthetic brooms. Even the weeding becomes easy with our super hard weed cutter broom!
    Gutter brooms
  • Brosserie Lecler Noël celebrates its 50th anniversary !

    Created in 1972 in Normandy by Alain DEGRUMELLE, its founder, the factory is located at Croisy-sur-Andelle, 30 Km from Rouen in farm building and designs mainly industrial brushes and road sweeping brushes. Today, the company continues to develop with Sylvain DEGRUMELLE, the factory has moved to Forges-Les-Eaux on a site of 11 000 m².
    The gutter broom became its flagship product and the company developed a patent with these stackable plastic rings on a frame.

    We are proud to say that Lecler-Noël product are now sold all over the world and on 5 continents !
    50 th anniversary brosserie lecler Noel
Nos ateliers

Brosserie Lecler Noël, located in Forges-Les-Eaux (France) is an expert in manufacturing and designing road sweeping brushes, floor cleaning brushes and industrial brushes.
Founded in 1972, the company has 50th years’ experience in our field of brush. you can find our products in France but also in over 25 countries worldwide and this on 5 continents.

Our ranges of brushes