Brosserie Lecler Noël : Brush maker since 1970 - Normandy , France

Road sweeping brushes : Side brooms

We manufacture side or front brushes for all types of machines.

All our brushes have a high resistant plastic base, guaranteeing resistance to knocks and outside deterioration.


We also have the capability of making side brushes in 100% Polypropelene, thus guaranteeing complete recycling.
These brushes exists with different fillings.


Filling :

  • Steel 3,3 x 0,6
  • Steel 2 x 0,5
  • Steel 2,8 x 0,45
  • Crimped Wire
  • Polypropelene
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Rilsan
  • Mixage possible

We can also produce mixes such as polypropelene/steel, nylon/steel or polyester/steel.
Our range equally includes metal plates and tuft for the Ravo-Rolba-Bucher sweepers

Gutter broom in steel - Brosserie Lecler Noel Side brushes poly and steel - Brosserie Lecler Noel Side brushes in poly and polyester - Brosserie Lecler Noel Brush Ravo steel plate - Brosserie Lecler Noel

Weed cutter brushes

Stop the chemical treatment!. Stop the heat treatment!

The weed cutter brush control allows your sweeper weed effectively while respecting our environment.

These brushes are made of high strength steel wrapped in steel tube strands or cables.

These brushes fit on all sweepers have sufficient engine power.

So go ahead, try it!

Weed ripping brush for sweepers - Brosserie Lecler Noel Weed ripping brush with special tuft - Brosserie Lecler Noel Weed ripping brushes - Brosserie Lecler Noel Cable for weed ripping - Brosserie Lecler Noel Tuft with steel high resistance for weed rpping - Brosserie Lecler Noel