Brosserie Lecler Noël : Brush maker since 1970 - Normandy , France

Industrial brushes

A major manufacturing tool in production equipment, or a necessary accessory in technical installations, the brush is one of the guarantors of the reliability of the production process.
In this sector, the constant evolution of production processes demand the same technological performance from all the components.
It is for this reason that our industrial brushes answer at the same time both standard and specific requirements.


Our industrial brushes answer at the same time both standard and specific requirements.
Conceived in our own workshops according to model, tooling plan or measurements taken on site, each brush has its own specific function:
Sweeping, cleaning, guiding and protection (humidity, dust etc.).
According to the brushes intended use the fibres may be fitted in a zigzag, in a herringbone, or helicoid shape, mounted on different bases (plastic, wood or aluminium) and mixed manually or automatically. Each brush is a response adapted to each set of special demands or problems


Types of brushes :

  • Traditionnal
  • Flat
  • Cylindrical
  • Half-shell
  • Circular
  • Wolves' head
  • On a runner
  • Steel

Possible fillings :

  • Polypropelene
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Rilsan
  • Acier
  • Vegetable fiber
  • Animal hair
  • Mixture possible
Industrial brushes - Brosserie Lecler Noel Cylindrical brush in V or helicoidal - Brosserie Lecler Noel Cylindrical brushes - Brosserie Lecler Noel Brush made on drawing - Brosserie Lecler Noel Brush filling in steel - Brosserie Lecler Noel Different brushes - Brosserie Lecler Noel Circular brush - Brosserie Lecler Noel Polishing brush - Brosserie Lecler Noel Brush in 2 pieces - Brosserie Lecler Noel Brush for cleaning mussels - Brosserie Lecler Noel Brush to clean water treatment plant - Brosserie Lecler Noel